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How long until the best by date of the product I receive?

Our products have a best by date of 12 months after production. The best by date on the product you receive depends on the flavor. We do our best to produce in small batches and keep the product as fresh as possible. Generally, you'll receive product with 8 - 11 months until the best by date. This best by date reflects quality degradation only and not a food safety issue. This is for storage at room temperature. You can always shoot dan an email to find out the current best by date of any flavors.

What is the best way to store them? In the fridge or on a shelf?

They are designed to be stored in your pantry, however, some customers like to keep them in their refrigerator or freezer to extend the freshness as long as possible (this is more common if ordering large quantities that will be eaten over an extended period). At our house, we keep them in our cupboard, backpacks, sport bags, etc. 

How long can I extend the best by date if stored in the fridge or freezer?

This isn't an exact science and this information is our best guess only.

Refrigeration can extend the shelf life by 6 months or more.

Freezing can extend the best by date even more, 1 year +. The only problem is if they are handled a lot in the frozen state they would run a risk of the package developing a puncture. Best to put them in a box and not handle it.