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Savory - Turkey, Free-Range Bites, 8-oz Packages

Savory - Turkey, Free-Range Bites, 8-oz Packages
Savory - Turkey, Free-Range Bites, 8-oz Packages
Savory - Turkey, Free-Range Bites, 8-oz Packages
Savory - Turkey, Free-Range Bites, 8-oz Packages
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Savory - Turkey, Free-Range Bites, 8-oz Packages

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An 8-oz package of our Turkey Bites—perfect for sharing with friends, road trips, and anytime, really.

These little guys didn't make the cut, literally, in becoming one of our delicious, 1-oz turkey sticks, but they taste just as good. In fact, some folks like them better. Our turkey sticks are smoked in long casings, 300 lbs at a time, then cut into the 8-inch sticks you find in the package. During this process, the cut ends become our Turkey Bites. They provide the same high-quality protein and essential 'good' fats for which free-range turkey is known.

With no added sugar and 7g of protein, our Savory Turkey sticks are Keto and Paleo friendly. And they’re made with responsibly-sourced, good-for-you meat:

  • Made with 100% Free-Range turkey
  • Raised on a 3rd Generation, Independent Family Farm
  • Never given hormones or antibiotics—ever

All Sogo Snacks come with our clean food guarantee:

  • No gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, eggs, or MSG
  • No nitrites or nitrates added, except those naturally occurring in celery juice and sea salt
  • Minimally processed & no artificial ingredients
  • Product of USA

Savory Turkey Ingredients: 100% free-range turkey, salt, water, encapsulated citric acid, spices (including whole celery seed, whole mustard seed), celery juice powder, dehydrated garlic and onion, in beef collagen casing.

Spiciness Level: 0 of 5

We aim to be a transparent company to our customers. If you have any questions just contact us and Dan or Liza will personally respond to you. No runarounds with Sogo Snacks!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Louise Gaston
Great taste and texture!

Good product and good price!

Baked poultry & juicy

I expected something similar to dry turkey breast and stuffing. What I tasted was a yummy surprise. Like juicy baked dark meat, maybe wild turkey, maybe another wildfowl. This is my absolute favorite.

wayne knell
Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

John Onstott
Pork free!

Excited to have meat without pork and will continue to buy due to the great taste.

The best

This is, by far, my favorite. We like all of the flavors we have tried but, the Turkey is now our favorite.